Featured items leaked for every Fortnite Item Shop from now until December - Dexerto

Featured items leaked for every Fortnite Item Shop from now until December

Published: 22/Nov/2018 21:41 Updated: 22/Nov/2018 21:45

by Albert Petrosyan


The Featured cosmetic items that will appear in the daily Fortnite Item Shops for the rest of November have been leaked online.

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Fortnite news and leaks outlet FNBR.NEWS has reportedly received details about the contents of upcoming Item Shops from an anonymous source who claims to have insider knowledge.

The information provided by the source reveals the Featured items for the upcoming six Item Shops, all the way until the last November shop updates on the 30th.

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Here are all of the items that will reportedly be in the Featured section of the shop for the next eight days:


  • November 22 – November 23: Raptor and Detective Sets
  • November 23 – November 24: Tender Defender and Wukong Bundle

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  • November 24 – November 25: Tender Defender and Rex Bundle
  • November 25 – November 26: Taro and Highland Bundle
  • November 26 – November 28: Vday and Hippies and Battle Pass Tiers
  • November 28 – November 29: Viking and Vampire and Battle Pass Tiers
  • November 29 – November 30: Spiders and Garage Band Sets

Having this sort of information could be useful for many players who can now plan out what they may want to purchase in the coming days.

Unfortunately, there are no details as to the Daily items for these shops, which players will have to wait for the day of to see.


All of this information is obviously unofficial since the items listed above are subject to change anytime prior to that day’s Item Shop going live.

However, the Featured items for the Nov 22-23 shop, which is the one currently active, check out, which adds credibility to this anonymous source and the rest of the insider info he’s provided.


This is important because this is the same source that leaked brand new details about the long-awaited Gifting System that is supposedly coming soon to Fortnite.

If the intel provided by this insider is indeed valid, it could mean that gifting will be coming to Fortnite within the next few weeks, although there will be heavy rules and restrictions in place for it. 

Source – FNBR.NEWS