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Tfue explains why Fortnite Battle Royale desperately needs a new map

Published: 27/Apr/2019 9:53 Updated: 27/Apr/2019 10:06

by Marcus Banks


FaZe Clan Fortnite Battle Royale professional, Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, has blasted the game’s current map and feels that the only way to improve is to make a brand new one.

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Map changes are extremely common in Fortnite as every season passes by, and it seems no location is safe from changes with Epic Games removing popular locations such as Greasy Grove and Risky Reels during the past few months.

Recent leaks
suggest that Tilted Towers, arguably the most iconic location in Fortnite, as well as Retail Row could be the next significant point of interests to be affected on the map
, but such changes have left Tfue extremely unimpressed.


Instagram / TfueTfue is one of the highest earning players in competitive Fortnite history.
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Tfue slams Fortnite Battle Royale map

The popular streamer vented his frustrations to his Twitch viewers during a stream on April 26, stating that Epic Games must bring out a whole new map in order to match their battle royale competitors.

“They need to make a new map,” he said. “The map is dogshit. I’ve played countless BR maps, and this is probably one of the worst ones when it comes to how things are placed – it makes no fucking sense.”

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Why is Tfue unhappy with the map?

It could be argued that Tfue has been affected more than most with the recent map changes when it comes to competitive Fortnite.


He enjoyed plenty of success at TwitchCon at his previous drop spot, the small town south of Paradise Palms – commonly known as Westworld, before Epic severely nerfed the location by removing rifts.

Therefore, Tfue opted to switch his drop location to Lazy Links – only for his new home to be wiped out following the introduction of the volcano in Season 8 – forcing him to drop at Frosty Flights which is one of the most popular spots in competitive due to the numerous Baller spawns.

Despite Tfue’s calls for a new map, it’s unlikely Epic Games plan on releasing one anytime soon.