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FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill Gets Pickaxe Bug in Fortnite Summer Skirmish During Crucial 1v1

Published: 4/Sep/2018 15:12 Updated: 4/Sep/2018 17:07

by Calum Patterson


FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill may have walked away with $120,000 for his 4th place finish at the PAX West Summer Skirmish – but it could have been more had he not experienced this glitch at a crucial moment.

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The newest member of FaZe Clan’s Fortnite roster, Nate Hill didn’t disappoint in his first outing under the the FaZe banner.

With so much top talent competing in the final week of the Summer Skirmish series, just making it to the final day of matches was a big achievement in itself.

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But Nate went a few better than that, putting in solid performances in all the final day matches, even securing a second place in one.


However, the ending of the match was marred by the common pickaxe bug, which causes the pickaxe to be useless immediately after killing an enemy. 

The body of a recently slain opponent glitches, causing the pickaxe to repeatedly do no damage to structures, instead making the sound as if it were hitting a player.

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Nate was visibly angered by the glitch occurring at that crucial moment, but in fairness, he had very little chance of actually winning the match from that position.

If he had shot the build below him sooner, he still likely would have fallen to his death, and his opponent, Lanjok, who had more health would have outlived him in the storm.


Nate’s only option, as caster DrLupo explains, would have been to attempt to get a shot on Lanjok as he fell, but realistically, he was consigned to a second place finish in that game.