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FaZe Clan’s Cloak comes incredibly close to breaking Fortnite world record

Published: 22/Sep/2018 14:09 Updated: 22/Sep/2018 14:18

by Calum Patterson


Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore, a professional Fortnite player for FaZe Clan, came unbelievably close to breaking the world record for kills in a solo game, missing out by a single kill.

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It would not have been the first time he has broken records either, as he and his FaZe teammates (Tfue, Jaomock and Tennp0) previously held the record for kills in a squad game, although it has since been beaten.

But he was incredibly close to reclaiming a world record, after hitting 29 kills in a solo game – one short of the 30 managed by OpTic Gaming player ‘Baldy’ back in May 2018.


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Admittedly, the 29 kill game managed by Cloak was not in the standard solo playlist, but rather the limited time mode ‘Soaring Solos’, which allows players to use their gliders during the game, when jumping from a significant height.

The mode was previously only in 50v50, but as it was a fan favorite so Epic Games added it to solos too. Other than the glider usability, there is little difference to regular solos, but it does essentially prevent taking fall damage.

You can watch the full game from Cloak below, which as he explains should have been 31 kills, but “2 kills got stolen”.


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He was also perhaps slightly benefited by players ‘stream sniping’ him at the start of the game, however, it was bound to be a popular landing area due to the change to Loot Lake.

If he had got the 31 kills, it is unlikely the record would have stood considering it was in soaring solos, although there is a good chance that 29 is in fact the record for the Soaring Solos mode specifically.