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FaZe Clan Fortnite Battle Royale Star Tfue Explains What He Thinks Will Kill the Game

Published: 29/May/2018 11:06 Updated: 8/Oct/2020 17:42

by Ross Deason


FaZe Clan’s Tfue expressed concern about some of the newest additions to Fortnite Battle Royale and predicted a downward spiral in the game’s popularity if things continue in the direction that they are going.

Epic Games’ massively popular Fortnite Battle Royale is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the biggest games ever, but some loyal players are beginning to express concern about its future.

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The developers do an excellent job of keeping things fresh, constantly releasing new updates, items, weapons, and much more to keep players on their toes and change the established meta.

While these updates are generally well received, some have caused a division in the scene and competitive players in particular have started to speak out against certain recent inclusions.

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One of these players is FaZe Clan’s Tfue, who got exasperated during a recent Twitch stream and predicted an untimely demise if things continue going in the direction that they are.

After dying to a player using “Hop Rocks” in the Dusty Depot crater, a viewer donated to say that the gravity defying rocks were the worst addition to the game. The FaZe pro player replied with “yeah, I mean, this game is going downhill but… trying to make it work bro”.

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Tfue, who joined FaZe Clan on April 30th as the replacement for 72hrs, expanded on his point moments later, making his feelings about recent additions very clear.

“Yeah, I mean, if this game keep adding dumbass shit, bro, I’ll probably, honestly, end up quitting. But hopefully they stop adding dumbass shit to the game. But, you know, you never know, they’ll probably kill this game just like H1. [H1Z1]”

Of course, Tfue’s concerns and opinions are his own and millions of players around the world are still perfectly happy with the direction that Fortnite Battle Royale is going in.

As a professional player hoping to pursue a possible career in a future Fortnite esports scene, Tfue’s vision for the game is likely very different from the average casual player, who plays a handful of games a night for fun.

Either way, Fortnite’s reign at the top shows no sign of ending any time soon.