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FaZe Tfue gives his opinion on the Grappler/Double Barrel shotgun combo

Published: 17/Sep/2018 16:21 Updated: 17/Sep/2018 16:33

by Matt Porter


FaZe Clan’s Tyler ‘Tfue’ Tenney has given his thoughts on the current Grappler and Double Barrel shotgun meta in Fortnite.

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Tfue was broadcasting Fortnite when he spotted an enemy building off the side of a structure close to Flush Factory. Thinking quickly, Tfue was able to use the Grappler to zipline his way up into his opponent’s base, before eliminating him with the double-barrel shotgun.

The FaZe member seemed to immediately feel sympathy for his fallen adversary, saying “imagine looting for the whole game, just so someone could grapple/double barrel you.”

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Tenney went on to give his opinion on the meta, stating; “Epic, I hope you’re listening man, get it gone. Get rid of it. It’s too much”, and leaving little no doubt that he’s not a fan.

This maneuver has become extremely popular with Fortnite player thanks to the Grappler’s ability to quickly fire players into situations that they normally would need to build up to, alerting their enemy well before their arrival.

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The double-barrel shotgun has come under scrutiny from fortnite fans due to it’s incredible power. Most feel it’s by far the best weapon to use at close range, and TSM Daequan took to Twitter to suggest balancing solutions in an attempt to bring the power of the shotguns closer together.


Epic Games are well known for listening to fans feedback, and adjusting items and weapons in game if they feel they are too powerful. In the last update, they vaulted the Drum Gun, and they also famously vaulted the jetpack item when they felt it was too strong.

There has yet to be an announcement about the future of Fortnite’s meta the Grappler, but Epic’s regular updates and patches mean that fans of the game are rarely kept waiting long for a change.