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Everything we know about Fortnite’s Hightower event

Published: 7/Aug/2020 12:50

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite leakers have uncovered files related to the ‘Hightower’ event that is coming soon. What do they mean? Well, here’s what everything we know so far. 

On August 5, the v13.40 update went live in Fortnite – bringing the long-awaited cars to the battle royale. Though, as you’d expect with any patch, leakers have been keen to dig up details about what is coming down the line. 

Some data miners moved quicker than others, getting their hands on some new cosmetics as well as an abundance of potential new fish types.

However, it appears as if Epic Games are starting to build towards their newest cinematic event as mysterious files have been uncovered by other leakers. 


Epic Games
Cars are finally in Fortnite.

Fortnite Hightower event symbol

The event, which has been given the codename of Hightower, looks set to leave mysterious marks and clues dotted around the current battle royale map.

Reliable leaker iFireMonkey was one of the first to point these out, as he uncovered the strange mark and symbol in the files. It’s a big circle with plenty of interlocking shapes around the place as well. 

Hightower event sounds

The leaker almost managed to get their hands on some ambient sounds that relate to the event. 

As you can hear, in the video below, it sounds like the audio is leading to something happening underground. Some of these sounds appear to be things scuttling around as well as creaks and gusts of wind, though, none of that is confirmed. 


Fortnite “craters” from Hightower event

On top of that, FortTory went a step further, finding six “craters” with the accompanying mark stamped on top. Four of the six are interlocked into a small line while the other two are also joined up but separate from the four. 

Where these will end up on the map, however, is much unconfirmed as the location where FortTory showed them off isn’t the actual location of where they will be found. 

As we’ve seen in the past, Epic does get pretty cryptic with their clues leading up to their cinematic events, but the wait and teasers are usually worth it as they deliver. 


As Chapter 2, Season 3 continues to unfold, we should find out more about what this ‘Hightower’ event is all about.