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Epic Games respond to crazy BRUTE mech hoverboard exploit in Fortnite

Published: 13/Aug/2019 12:37 Updated: 13/Aug/2019 12:57

by Joe Craven


Developers Epic Games have responded to a bizarre Fortnite glitch, involving Season 10’s BRUTE mechs and hoverboards, in a clip which is sure to further frustrate the player base. 

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The B.R.U.T.E mechs were added at Season X’s inception, but have quickly been denounced by the majority of the community as overpowered. They have 1000HP, a protective shield for the Gunner, a stomp mechanic capable of dealing 70 damage and a shotgun and missiles to fire rapidly. 

However, it seems that yet another issue with the BRUTEs has been discovered, which will significantly increase their mobility.


Epic GamesThe driftboard is one of very few vehicles left in Fortnite.
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Season 10 also saw a number of the game’s mobility options removed – including the Baller, Quadcrasher, Pirate Cannon, Glider Redeploy and the northern area’s geysers. 

The one main vehicle that remained, the hoverboard, is entirely intended for single person use, but a bizarre glitch allows players in BRUTEs to get on their teammate’s board. 

The clip was uploaded to Reddit by u/badlynameduser on August 12, and shows a player on a hoverboard riding under a BRUTE, with the player occupying the giant robot then carried around on the hoverboard too.

You can ride your teammates’ drift board if you’re in a big metal boi from r/FortNiteBR

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Not only does this increase the Mech’s mobility by a significant degree, but renders the hoverboard a two person vehicle, specifically against Epic wishes.


Epic Games Community Coordinator, Sean Hamilton, replied stating that the glitch has been passed on to their QA team, so a patch is likely being worked on. 

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The glitch is likely to frustrate the community, as another issue with the BRUTEs will simply make them more powerful. The player base has expressed their anger at the BRUTEs already, even getting #RemovetheMech trending worldwide on Twitter on August 10.

Some Reddit users took the response as confirmation that BRUTEs will not be getting removed in the August 13 update, but this is not yet confirmed. 

At the time of writing, the v10.10 patch notes have not been released due to a delay.  Despite an earlier nerf to their spawn rate in competitive modes, many players want to see a much more significant nerf in all game modes, or even the vaulting of the BRUTEs altogether.