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Epic Games reportedly hire Star Wars producer for Fortnite movie

Published: 11/Oct/2021 18:53

by Theo Salaun


Epic Games appear ready to bring Fortnite to the big screen, as recent hires and reports suggest the studio is preparing for a movie (and other “scripted video programming”) based on their hit game. 

About three weeks ago, it was revealed that Fortnite might not be on iOS devices for another five years. In light of the ongoing legal battle between Epic Games and Apple, it appears that the game studio is preparing to grow elsewhere.

As reported by The Information’s Matthew Olson and Jessica Toonkel, Fortnite’s developers are now looking toward Hollywood for momentum. And it appears likely that Tilted Towers could find a home in Tinsel Town.


The new report notes that Epic are hiring a series of Lucasfilm executives who were involved in the “Star Wars” franchise. Further, it details that Epic’s intentions are to “diversify,” with a “feature film” being among loftier possibilities.

Fortnite movie incoming?

As tweeted by Olson, “a Fortnite movie has been discussed.” And this is in direct correlation with new hires, like Lucasfilm’s Jason McGatlin—an executive producer for all Star Wars films created with Disney.

In tandem, the gaming studio has also enlisted two other former Lucasfilm employees. These moves branch the company’s experience into the entertainment industry, which follows Olson and Toonkel’s sources.


Those sources claim that the studio is “considering launching an entertainment division focused on scripted video programming.” And, further, that the aim of this division is to diversify following mobile setbacks. 

Epic Games following Riot Games into film and TV

As noted by others in the industry, this move appears in line with Riot Games’ recent strategy. The League of Legends studio made waves by revealing a Netflix TV series in late-September.

While a Fortnite movie is the most intriguing of the new Epic Games report, it’s not the sole option. Olson and Toonkel’s sources left room for other possibilities: “The division could develop projects including a feature film based on Fortnite.”


At the moment, nothing remains confirmed and all is subject to speculation. But, combined with the recent hires and similar moves by Riot, a Fortnite show or movie feels entirely reasonable.