Epic Games Have Made It Impossible to Double Pump with New Shotgun Nerf - Dexerto

Epic Games Have Made It Impossible to Double Pump with New Shotgun Nerf

Published: 12/Jul/2018 8:39 Updated: 13/Oct/2020 16:56

by Mike Kent


The ability to use two shotguns in quick succession is over for Fortnite players following the mega-update for Season 5.

The brand new season began on Thursday, July 12 with a host of new changes implemented, including a new desert themed map, a squad-sized golf cart and of course, new player skins.

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One of the biggest gameplay adjustments involves the shotgun, with the development team creating a short amount of time between switching between two of the weapon.

“After firing a shotgun, another shotgun cannot be fired for a very short time.”

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Those familiar with Fortnite will know that switching between two shotguns has become a staple of the elite who play the game, allowing for multiple up close shots in quick succession to down an opponent.


In previous editions of Fortnite it was possible to rapidly switch between shotguns to make it act like an automatic weapon, but Epic stamped that out in early 2018 after it began to be abused.

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The latest change to Shotguns for Season 5 doesn’t have everyone convinced. Team SoloMid’s Daequan Tweeted out that he was confused why it had been nerfed when using a Shotgun and SMG was more effective.

You can read the full patch notes for the Season 5 update by clicking here.