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Epic Games explain why they’ve added explosive damage through structures in Fortnite

Published: 1/Nov/2018 23:13

by Albert Petrosyan


Epic Games have offered further insight into their thought process behind the addition of the new explosive damage system in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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The recent v6.21 update, which went live early on November 1, implemented a new system which allows 25% of explosive damage to penetrate through structures and the environment.

As a result, any explosion caused by items such as grenades and launchers can now cause damage to players through structures, whether the structure is built by the player or naturally spawning.

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With there being a strongly negative reaction to this massive change, Epic has posted a message the further clarifies why they implemented it.


Essentially, the main motivational factor was that the developers felt there was an imbalance in play-styles that needed to be addressed.

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“Building as a defensive measure is hugely important, and the safety net it provides is something we don’t take lightly,” they wrote. “However, in general, we feel like there’s a bit of an imbalance between aggressive play and defensive tactics.”

The post then reveals that the massive feedback has been heard, and that this new system is merely an experiment, such as the recently added glider re-deploy feature.

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Players are encouraged to offer their feedback about this new system, and the post even includes specific question guidelines players can use when providing their input:


  • Is 25% the right amount? What if it were lower?
  • Should all material types have the same damage reduction? That is, should metal have a higher mitigation than wood?
  • Is the aggressive/defensive balance right currently? What other methods might make sense for countering overly defensive play?

Considering how negative the feedback regarding this change has been, and the fact that Epic are essentially acknowledging that by posting this update, players may expect to see further adjustments made soon, or the change to even be reversed completely. 

Source – Reddit