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Epic disables boats in Fortnite due to multiple game-breaking glitches

Published: 3/Aug/2020 8:20

by Andrew Amos


Epic Games have been forced to disable Motorboats ⁠— one of Fortnite’s best vehicles for traversing the Season 3 map ⁠— due to multiple game-breaking glitches giving people infinite items, or potentially plunging them to their death.

Boats are key in Fortnite Season 3. While it’s less so nowadays with the water level receding to normal levels, beforehand, it was one of the only ways to get around the map efficiently.

Regardless, disabling them would have disastrous consequences for how Fortnite is actually played. Epic has been forced to take that drastic step though after two game-breaking glitches were uncovered.

“Due to an issue, we’ve temporarily disabled Motorboats in all game modes,” the developers said on August 2.


One of the glitches involves the new Coral Castle POI. Home to Aquaman, the Atlantis-themed drop zone has been popular since its introduction on August 1, but it’s proving to be a nuisance to traverse by boat.

If players rode into the waterfall near Coral Castle with a boat, they’d be able to glitch out of the map. While it’d make them untargetable, they’d slowly drown to death under the map.

Another glitch allowed players to harvest infinite items like Floppers. Obviously, the repercussions of this are a lot clearer and easier to understand ⁠— more healing means you’re more likely to win.


The exploit worked by quickly switching between the item and your pickaxe while jumping into a boat. When players then jumped back out, they’d have 1,000,000 of the item while still taking up the same amount of space in your inventory.

Without cars being in the game, this leaves Choppas as the only reliable way to get around the Fortnite map.

Epic hasn’t put a time frame on how long they expect boats to be out of commission for, but just be mindful of it when you launch into your next game. If you rely on boats to make your rotations, you’ll have to find a new way around pronto.