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Drift0r Set to Release New Video Covering ‘Fortnite Clickbait’ Across YouTube

Published: 7/May/2018 16:16 Updated: 11/Mar/2019 12:49

by DG Goldstein


Brad ‘Drift0r’ Overbey wants your help to find some of the most outrageous instances of Fortnite: Battle Royale ‘clickbait’ on YouTube.

Ever since it was released in September of 2017, the ‘Battle Royale’ portion of Fortnite has gained massive traction throughout the gaming world by becoming one of the most popular titles in the industry.

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As the game continues to grow on what seems like a daily basis by bringing in millions upon millions of players, its traction throughout the online world expands alongside it across platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, with some personalities establishing large fanbases due to the title.


However, the immense popularity with videos and content related to the game has caused a stir with some community members in regards to the use of misleading titles and information in a video to potentially gain the attention of a potential viewer.

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Drift0r, a popular YouTuber who covers a collection of different games, has been incredibly harsh on the use of Fortnite ‘clickbait,’ stating that it ‘hurts his soul’ that some content creators wake up and willingly attempt to ‘trick children‘ into watching their videos.

On May 7th, he revealed that he has finally finished the video, mentioning how some big-name YouTubers such as TmarTn and AliA are nowhere near the levels of other content creators in terms of clickbait.


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As of writing, it is unknown when Drift0r will release the hard-hitting video, or which content creators and personalities will be mentioned in the project. 

Stay tuned to Drift0r’s official YouTube channel and Twitter account for updates on its release