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Bizarre Fortnite Chapter 2 mechanic gives players new way to use rockets

Published: 25/Feb/2020 1:57

by Alan Bernal


Fortnite Chapter 2 players are thinking outside of the box with a newly discovered mechanic by YouTuber ‘SypherPK’ that bounces rockets for potentially game-changing effects.

By using a Remote Explosive for the base of the trick, a player is able to bounce or change the trajectory for the Rocket Launcher’s missile to make it climb skyward, for example, after shooting it toward the ground.

The Rocket Launcher has always been a popular weapon to take in Fortnite to quickly clear builds or 1x1s and takes opponents by surprise. But the new trick gives it the potential for so much more.


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The trick can also be set up to create an “infinite loop” of rocket bounces, as SypherPK demonstrated.

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After a strange interaction during Sypher’s games with Twitch star NICKMERCS, they noticed a missile had reflected off of a C4.

“For some reason Rocket Launchers bounce off of C4,” SypherPK said. “Position yourself really well in the center, line up the C4 accordingly, [and] you can achieve an infinite loop.”

Testing out the interaction, the YouTuber saw that the Remote Explosives have a near-consistent effect on rockets that players are quickly adopting.

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Showing off the trick on Reddit, user ‘Slushyguy’ showed how a strategically placed Remote Explosive brick could be the foundation for a sly rocket depending on how it’s used.


By angling the shot, the trajectory can be manipulated to veer up, which opens up the maneuver’s application – especially if you’re trying to get out of a tricky situation.

Since rockets can make quick work out of basic builds, a team pinned in lower stories of a build fight could take a big gamble by using the missle bounce.

How to make rockets bounce from FortNiteBR

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If there’s a situation where an opponent is pinning down your team from above and you can’t get a safe shot, throwing down a C4 and spamming some missiles skyward could give you the perfect distraction to set up a counterattack or escape.


The mechanic could get a little tricky, though, and potentially be deadly if you make the mistake of aiming it too close to yourself in a high-pressure situation.

It’ll be interesting to see how creative Fortnite players utilize the rocket bounce in-game since it could be a useful trick to surprise unsuspecting foes.