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All leaked skins and cosmetics from Fortnite v13.40 update

Published: 5/Aug/2020 10:01 Updated: 5/Aug/2020 11:53

by Jacob Hale


The Fortnite v13.40 update is now live on all platforms and, as expected, data miners have given us our first look at the new cosmetics coming to the game including skins, gliders and backblings.

The v13.40 Fortnite patch went live on August 5, finally bringing Joy Ride cars to the battle royale hit, a new Summer Splash LTM and the Coral Castle POI.

While the update has been rolling out and players waiting through downtime to drop in on the updated game, though, data miners such as Lucas7Yoshi have been hard at work getting us a look at the fresh new cosmetics we’ll be donning throughout the rest of the season.


New leaked skins and backblings in Fortnite v13.40

leaked fortnite skins and backblings Fortnite v13.40 patch
Twitter: Lucas7Yoshi
Some classic skins return alongside an impressive new set of cosmetics.

The latest update sees the likes of Castaway Jonesy and Crustina make their return to the Item Shop, while the Mecha Team Shadow skin is a throwback to Season X, and Dynamo gets a fun new ‘Derby Dynamo’ variant, among other fresh looks.

In terms of backblings, the Shadow Jet Set looks to be the perfect accompaniment to the Mecha Team Shadow skin, while backbling such as Coral Cowl, Wind Shell and Back Scoop continue the summer theme in style.

Fortnite v13.40 leaked pickaxes, emotes and weapon skins

As well as new skins and backblings come some brand new pickaxes, weapon camos and emotes to taunt your opponents with.


Leaked Fortnite v13.40 weapon camos and emotes
Twitter: Lucas7yoshi
Leaked Fortnite v13.40 weapon camos and emotes.

The Raise the Cup emote is a fun ode to the Liverpool FC’s incredible Premier League win, and Freewheelin’ looks to bring a new Epic emote to the Item Shop. Meanwhile, the weapon camos are as flamboyant as ever, with Rainbow Rodeo and Sticker Star set to make anyone who uses them stand out.

Leaked Fortnite pickaxes v13.40 patch
Twitter: Lucas7yoshi
All leaked pickaxes in the Fortnite v13.40 patch.

Finally, the Shadow Combo Cleaver and Street Blades pickaxes are good if you’re looking for a bit of a darker look in the Summer LTMs with the former once again looking to complete the set that accompanies the Mecha Shadow Team.

So, now the question is — which new cosmetics are you going to be using when they drop?