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All Frozen Loot locations in Fortnite for Day 9 Winterfest challenge

Published: 26/Dec/2019 15:32

by Calum Patterson


The ninth day of Winterfest 2019 is upon us in Fortnite, with a new challenge to complete in exchange for a free reward – here’s where to find Frozen loot on the map to get the task done.

As the 2019 version of ’14 Days of Fortnite’, Winterfest has a host of daily challenges promising rewards upon completion, with some easier than others.

Although the challenge for the ninth day is fairly straightforward, it will be helpful to know where exactly you can find the Frozen loot to open it.

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Once you’ve been to the Winterfest cabin and checked the stocking, you will receive the Day 9 challenge, tasking you with simply “Open Frozen Loot”.


If you’re unsure what this is, you may not be alone, as Frozen loot was only recently added to Fortnite. Essentially, it’s just loot stuck inside a large ice cube.

They generally spawn in the same locations, and this map provides the best chances of finding one, at the marked locations.

Frozen Loot locations in Fortnite

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Once you’ve opened a Frozen Loot ice cube, you’ll have completed the challenge, and can head back to the cabin for your reward.

Winterfest Day 9 Reward

For completing this rather simple task, you’ll be granted the Crackshot music pack to play in the lobby, bringing some more festive cheer to the game.


Epic GamesThe Crackshot music pack is the day 9 reward for the Winterfest challenge.

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Although this is the Day 9 challenge it, along with all the other previous tasks, will be available to complete until January 7, when the WInterfest event ends.

If you need to catch up on some of the previous tasks, we have a full guide to all the Winterfest 2019 challenges here.

There’s still a handful of challenges to come too, and we’ll keep you up to date with guides for each as they are released each day. There are also free presents available at the cabin too, which don’t even require you to complete any challenges, so be sure to pick up the Lt. Evergreen skin today.