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All Fortnite Season 6 map changes: The Spire, Colossal Crops, more

Published: 16/Mar/2021 8:48 Updated: 16/Mar/2021 9:08

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6 is finally here and with the Zero Point destabilizing, the battle royale island has been shaken up a fair bit. So, here are all the map changes.

The start of every new Fortnite season brings a new battle pass, new skins, a new seasonal theme, new items, changes to the current weapons, and map changes.

In Chapter 2 seasons gone by, players have wanted more and more map changes from Epic Games, and while there have been some interesting tweaks, not everything has gone down swimmingly.

Chapter 2, Season 6 is all about the ‘Primal’ theme following the Zero Point crisis, and the map has been changed a little bit, bringing destruction to some locations added in Chapter 2, Season 5.


Fortnite Season 6 map

In terms of wider picture changes, the first thing you’ll notice on the new mini-map is the big slew of orange that has taken over parts – mainly in the center.

That’s because the green grass and trees have gone, replaced by decaying land and smaller POIs than before.

Additionally, quite a few locations carry over – there aren’t too many wholesale changes to the map outside of The Spire in the center and Colossal Crops standing where the Colossal Coliseum did.

Minimap for Fortnite Season 6
Epic Games
The Season 6 map is quite similar to last seasons map.

The Spire

The Spire now sits in the dead center of the map where places like The Authority and Zero Point stood before it.


As the name suggests, the centerpiece of this spot is a big tower that, yes, you can climb. There are smaller looting spots around that you can hit, but the main danger will come from players atop the spire.

Colossal Crops

As previously noted, Colossal Crops now stands where the Colossal Coliseum did last season, as parts of that POI have been destroyed.

The main Coliseum structure is long gone, with only a few walls still standing. You can, as the new season trailer showed, get up there and use it as high ground.

Again, like The Spire, there are few smaller buildings around to hit up for loot, but its all very open so will be difficult to navigate in the late game.


Primal Pond

Primal Pond is the only new named POI that has been uncovered by players aside from The Spire and Colossal Crops.

It sits between The Spire and Misty Meadows, and again, is full of smaller buildings to loot, rather than being something massive like Tilted Towers or Dusty Depot.

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Primal Pond in Fortnite Season 6.

As the servers come back up and players start to uncover more changes, we’ll be updating this article with more images and details about the new map.

You can find all the bigger changes in our dedicated patch notes hub, here.