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All Fortnite Dark Legends bundle cosmetics revealed

Published: 9/Sep/2019 13:02 Updated: 9/Sep/2019 13:24

by Connor Bennett


A number of new cosmetics from the upcoming Fortnite Dark Legends set have been revealed thanks to dataminers.

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Fortnite has cemented itself as the top Battle Royale title around with a global player base that keeps coming back for more on a daily basis. 

While the game is simplistic in nature, Epic Games continue to find ways to draw players in. They, in large part, can probably thank their skins and cosmetics – as fans flocks to grab new looks with each update. Be it a weekly patch, or a brand new season altogether, a ton of new outfits, backblings, gliders, and pickaxes get released – usually by way of a leak first.


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Epic GamesFortnite fans can custom everything about their characters.

That’s been no different with the new Dark Legends bundle. The set was leaked on September 3 with players spotting less than clear images of the new skins in-game. However, thanks to the handiwork of leakers and dataminers, better visuals have been revealed.

Popular leaker Lucas7Yoshi has been quick to show off the new set – starting off with Dark Red Knight and Dark Wild Card skins, as well as a Dark Shield backbling. 

There is also a ‘Wild Cube’ in the form of the game’s popular Kevin the Cube character which will also come as a usable backbling in-game – as players will be able to keep their favorite dark cube on their person at all times.


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The dataminer even revealed a new look for the classic Jonesy skin – the blonde-haired default character – as well as an accompanying harvesting tool.

Named Dark Jonesy and Dark Axe, respectively and keeping in-line with the theme, they both have purple and gray-colored tints to really sell the darkness angle of the whole set.

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Another leaker, Hypex, who was recently suspended from Twitter, also gave a clear look at the skins and harvesting animations in-game. 

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However, unfortunately for anyone trying to get their hands on the brand-new bundle anytime soon, the release date or it’s price has not yet been revealed.