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Ali-A reveals ‘secret’ new Fortnite POI hint following V13.40 patch

Published: 8/Aug/2020 13:41

by Connor Bennett


Popular YouTuber Ali-A has revealed a few secrets that have popped up in Fortnite following the V13.40 patch – and hints for a new POI could be right under our noses. 

With the launch of the v13.40 patch, Fortnite fans finally got to get behind the wheel of cars. The vehicles, which had been long rumored and sought after by players across the globe, have added a different way for you to traverse the map and cause havoc.

As you’d expect, with any patch, leakers were also able to get their hands on details about things coming further down the line – with cosmetics and the ‘Hightower’ event being the most interesting finds.


However, there are a few things that are currently in-game that have also gone unnoticed to the majority of players who don’t really travel around and look for secrets. 

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Cars are finally in Fortnite.

These interesting and secretive additions were pointed out by Ali-A, with two of the main ones centering around the Coral Buddies that have appeared in the northern part of the map.

The first secret relates to a potential new POI. As the YouTuber points out, the slimes have got themselves a few new buildings to play with but it does resemble we’ve already seen. In fact, from one angle, it looks as if its the buildings used in the trailer for the cars. 


On top of that, there is also a new Coral Buddies challenge coming. Some players saw it in-game early, but, their newest step is into the ‘Nuclear Age’. Once live, the mission will task you with finding a small can with the nuclear symbol on so that you can trigger a launch. 

As well as the Coral Buddies, the location of the Ancient Astronaut’s ship is also set to change. The YouTuber noted that, currently, in replay mode, there is a spot behind Misty Meadows that shows the ship landed there and it looks intentional.

What it all means very much remains to be seen, but the astronaut may link to the Hightower event that has grasped the attention of fans. We’ll just have to wait and see one way or another.