A Fortnite bug will help you travel around the map faster - Dexerto

A Fortnite bug will help you travel around the map faster

Published: 23/Sep/2018 21:37 Updated: 23/Sep/2018 21:48

by Vincent Genova


A reddit user has demonstrated a glitch that will allow players to move through low gravity zones with extreme speed.

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The glitch will also work anywhere on the map, but is less effective.

When a player builds a ramp and jumps inside of it as the build animation takes place, the game forces your character model out so the ramp can finish building.

In the low gravity zones, this push will result in significant forward momentum.

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Reddit user Azvixus demonstrated the technique in a video, which you can watch below.

Simple trick to move faster in no-gravity zones from r/FortniteCompetitive

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The glitch has been around in Fortnite for a long time but was not purposly used to gain advantage.


TSM Myth famously discovered the ramp glitch at Esports Arena Las Vegas, where he accidentally flung himself off the side of a mountain.

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His reaction, and the quote calling it “one of the rarest bugs in the game,” went viral.