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A fan recreated the TechnoViking Video in Fortnite and it’s perfect

Published: 2/Oct/2018 19:36

by Mitch Reames


Almost every one of Fortnite’s emotes is a homage to a movie, song or moment in popular culture, but sometimes, the Fortnite audience pays homage back.

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The year was 2000 and the fourth annual “FuckParade” was set to begin in Berlin, Germany.

The parade, a chance for the techno community to get together and celebrate their music, turned into one of the earliest viral videos on the internet when a massive dude took center screen and proceeded to lay down a signature dance. He is now known as the TechnoViking.

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Almost everyone on the internet has seen that video, but the dance experienced a recent resurgence in popularity when Fortnite added it to the game in September.


The top comment on the video above was from FaZe Dirty: “aaand now it’s known as the Fortnite dance.”

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Just because some people in the younger generation don’t know about TechnoViking, doesn’t mean the reference was lost on the community.

Youtuber LaffenGas paid homage to the original video with this recreation that sees the Viking do his signature dance from the techno club, to the cube, all the way to the Viking ship.

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The video starts with the Viking sternly turning down a couple music choices from the DJ, including the old music.


In the original video, that stern look is aimed at another person at the parade who had just rather aggressively bumped someone else in the group.