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4 ways to improve the Fortnite Shopping Cart

Published: 31/Oct/2018 14:41 Updated: 31/Oct/2018 14:51

by Matt Porter


A committed fan of Fortnite’s Shopping Cart is campaigning for Epic Games to make improvements to the item.

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The user, known on Reddit as ‘NezvTrash’, created a post on the Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit asking his fellow users to “Join the fight, make Shopping Carts right!”

NezvTrash has four major suggestions for Epic Games, and even made a handy graphic to promote his ideas which he hopes the developers will implement for four-wheeled item.

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Firstly, they would like Epic Games to increase the top speed of the cart when it goes down ramps, allowing it to fly further and faster than it currently does. To match this, the cart would need more health, meaning it could take the much larger impact when landing after flying down the ramp at break-neck speed.


NezvTrash would also like to see spikes added to the front of the cart, making it much easier to kill opponents with the cart as you could simply impale them on the front.

Finally, carts should be able to carry items, just like a real shopping cart carries your shopping in real life. This would allow players to carry more items than the five they are currently allowed, but would mean they would have to push the cart around anywhere they went.

Join the fight, make Shopping Carts right! from r/FortNiteBR

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The Shopping Cart was first added to Fortnite back in May with the release of Patch V4.3. The cart requires someone to push it around, but can also carry another player who sits in the basket portion of the cart.


Unfortunately, these ideas are all just suggestions from an avid Fortnite fan, and Epic Games have not revealed any plans to update the Shopping Cart.