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Fortnite Battle Royale

Shroud explains why Fortnite is the best game to go pro in

Published: 16/Jul/2019 9:20

by Connor Bennett


Top Fortnite Battle Royale is the best game to go pro in as a new esports athlete. 

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Before surging to popularity on Twitch, shroud was a part of Cloud 9’s quest for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive glory, with some of the best mechanical skills in the game. 

While he never claimed a Major or dominated all that much, he was clearly a feared opponent and bagged a handful of titles along the way. So, when it comes to offering advice to budding pros about taking that next step, the Canadian star clearly knows what he is talking about. 


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Respawn EntertainmentShroud has been able to transfer his CS:GO skills into whatever arena he chooses.

During his July 15 stream, shroud had been waiting to load into another game of Apex Legends‘ ranked mode when one viewer asked if he would consider making a return to competitive play in a battle royale game. While the streamer quickly dismissed that idea, explaining that it would be easier in other games, he zeroed in on Fortnite and Epic Games rewarding pros for losing. 

“I think Fortnite is your best bet for battle royale if you’re trying to come up as a pro because it’s just free money – even if you lose, you win,” started the former CS:GO player.


He continued: “Not many games are like that – if you lose, you win but Fortnite is one of them because they don’t know how to make their game and they just have this pile of cash and they’re like ‘play’”. 

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It’s clearly a belief that shroud feels strongly about as it’s not the first time that he’s given credit to the competitive Fortnite community.

Back in June, the popular streamer went as far as saying that the “next superpower breed of gamers” are going to stem from Fortnite because of their speed and awareness. 


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Now, of course, that doesn’t mean that just anybody can drop what they’re doing and become the top Fortnite player in the world, there is a huge talent gap behind the very best players. 

Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenner, widely considered one of the best pros in the world, is able to build structures unlike anyone else as well as spot loot from the spawn island without breaking a sweat. 

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Despite that, shroud’s comments might not be too wide of the mark, considering that every player who has qualified for the upcoming Fortnite World Cup solo matches is guaranteed to make $50,000 even if they finish dead last. 


The winner of the finals, whoever that might be come July 28, will walk home with a cool $3 million, but that will be thanks to their hard work in preparing and perhaps some slight luck from the RNG gods.