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Game-breaking Fortnite exploit lets players build in new Tilted Town

Published: 6/Aug/2019 15:37

by Eli Becht


Fortnite v10.00’s content update introduced Tilted Town into the game, a place where you can’t build or harvest materials, but some players have already discovered a way around that.

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Say goodbye to Neo Tilted and hello to Tilted Town, a location that is based on the Wild West era of the United States.

Epic Games went the extra mile with the aesthetic by only featuring old fashioned guns like the Hunting Rifle, and not allowing peoples to destroy or build anything.

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Epic GamesFortnite’s Tilted Town could possibly be the most interesting location to date.

However, players have already found a way to break through the game’s boundaries and build in Tilted Town.


All it takes is a well-placed floor, an edit, and then you are good to go and terrorize all of the unsuspecting players with no building materials. That sure didn’t take long.

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To make matters worse, this isn’t even the only way to perform this exploit that players have already uncovered. 

The second way involved a hoverboard, where you can stand on top of it and shoot it into Tilted, causing you to bypass the shield and bring all of your building materials into the new zone.

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A good of rule to know is if you see a character without their cowboy garb on, then you should not take that fight as they have the ability to build all over you.


Going into Tilted Town gives your player a special appearance to help go along with the theme, but now it also tells you who is following the rules.

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Epic Games have not yet addressed this issue but if the issue becomes more widespread, we expect to see a hotfix. 

With issues like this, Epic has usually been quick with the fixes, whether it’s disabling something or delivering a hotfix, so be on the lookout.