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Fortnite pro Zayt claims World Cup setups gave some players a major advantage

Published: 28/Jul/2019 17:02

by Eli Becht


NRG Fortnite pro William ‘Zayt’ Aubin claims that fellows pros Cody ‘Clix’ Conrod and Griffin ‘Sceptic’ Spikoski were able to look up at the main screen during the Duos World Cup event and get an advantage.

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During July 27’s Duos event, the top 50 Fortnite duos from around the world competed to find out who the best twosome is on the planet.

However, some of the players had some unfair advantages that helped them get an edge over some players according to one pro at least.

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Zayt said that Clix and Sceptic’s positioning during the event gave them the ability to look up at the main screen and see whatever the broadcast at home was able to see.


“Hopefully they changed the tv and sceptic/clix can’t look up at where people are today for solos,” he tweeted.

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Sceptic and Clix weren’t able to secure a top spot so their positioning didn’t seem to help too much, or they didn’t really pay attention to it since they also had their own screens to focus on.

However, Sceptic was able to give us one of the most memorable moments of the event when he did a “Take the L” in real life after an elimination.

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Sceptic was not able to qualify for the Solos event but Clix still represented Misfits Gaming, while Zayt was able to compete on both days as well.


Zayt might have actually had a valid complaint here but it didn’t end up having too much of an effect on anything in the grand scheme of things.

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Epic Games haven’t commented on this in any way so it’s not likely any punishment will be handed out to either player, especially considering it would be very hard to prove they did it with malicious intent.