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Fortnite BRUTE glitch allows players to ignore Boogie Bomb effects

Published: 19/Aug/2019 12:30

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite fans have uncovered an unusual glitch with the Boogie Bomb that is allowing players to ignore the effects as long as they’ve been in a BRUTE Mech.

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Ever since being introduced with the start of Fortnite Season X, the BRUTE Mech suits have caused frustration across the game’s community – even prompting some players to turn away and play other titles like Apex Legends.

As Season 10 has progressed, some have discovered ways to counter the heavy-artillery vehicle but the most effective, the boogie bomb, could be in danger thanks to the rise of a new bug. 


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Epic GamesThe BRUTE Mech has become one of the most controversial additions in Fortnite history.

In a post to the FortniteBR subreddit, user KingKva showcased a video showing that the items are not working as intended. During the game, the Redditor was locked in a battle with a MECH Brute by their lonesome when they opted to toss a Boogie Bomb in a bid to create some space.

As players exited the BRUTE, they were quickly subjected to the item’s effect – prompting them to bust into a dance. 

However, instead of being unable to do anything but dance, one player was able to shoot off a blast of their combat shotgun, despite showing as affected in-game, knocking KingKva down to the floor and needing a revive to stay in the game. 


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While some members of the subreddit immediately joked about the powerful nature of the BRUTE, one user – n0fingerprints – pointed out that now the “best” tactic to counter the Mech has become bugged.

“Yeah the ONLY thing to counter is now somehow bugged,” they posted. “This has happened to me on multiple occasions,” before editing their post with another few examples of tactics to outplay the BRUTE with.

Comment from discussion Excuse me, what?.

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Others, including Fishy_25, backed up these glitch claims by stating that they’ve fallen to the unfortunate fate of dying after boogie bombing another player.

They stated: “Same thing happened to me, I boogie bombed a guy out of a mech thinking I’d have an easy shot but for some reason he was able to shoot me.”


Comment from discussion Excuse me, what?.

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While they are active on the subreddit, Epic Games’ community team has not yet noted if their developments are aware of the issue.

It remains to be seen if a fix is in place or if this new issue will continue to plague players who are trying to find a reasonable counter-play to the BRUTE Mechs.