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FaZe Clan's Tfue reveals three pro players he hates competing against

Published: 28/Apr/2019 12:32

by Connor Bennett


FaZe Clan stream snipers or bad luck in-game. 

However, there are three players he does hate playing against – even if they aren’t nearly as big as him in name value or as successful as some other professional players that are around his level.

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FaZe ClanTfue has yet to qualify for Epic Games’ Fortnite World Cup – but he is trying.

Tfue’s exclusive club

During his April 27 stream, Tfue had been attempting to finally progress in the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers when he got jumped upon by a ‘griefer’ who eliminated him from his final game – even though he secured a vital top 3000 placing.

“I thought I played pretty fucking well overall,” started Tfue, breaking down his performance in trying to secure a spot in the next round of qualifying. “It was unfortunate that I ran into fucking Aspect – the kid lives in Pennsylvania. He replaces fucking walls like I replace mods, kappa.”


Despite his joke, the FaZe Clan pro was speaking some truth about the players he hates playing against. He added: “Seriously though, there are a few players I don’t like running into. It’s fucking Danny ‘Dubs’ Walsh, Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf, and Nick ‘Aspect’ McGuire. All those kids live in fucking Pennsylvania dude and they replace walls like every time. Those three guys, they’ll just replace everything – deadass.”

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Could Tfue change up his duo?

Tfue might currently be on the outside looking in at the World Cup qualifying for solos, but despite being griefed, moved on to the Sunday portion of the event – where he may finally be able to grab a solo spot.


If not, the FaZe Clan pro will once again link up with his partner Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore for the second round of duos qualification on May 4.

Failing that, he might have to think about linking up with one of the trio that he admittedly hates running into.