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Epic Games share update on Fortnite's mysterious Turbo Building issue

Published: 30/Aug/2019 23:07

by Eli Becht


It’s been a rough week for Fortnite fans as Turbo Build underwent a nerf, revert, stealth-nerf, and now it’s Epic Games claims the issues are finally fixed.

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Epic Games made the controversial decision to nerf Turbo Build in update 10.20 and was quickly met with a ton of backlash regarding the move from both competitive and casual players alike.

On August 27, the Fortnite developer explained all of the reasons the nerfs were made, which at least gave players an idea of why it was done, even if they didn’t agree with them.

The changes were eventually reverted back to normal with some smaller changes made instead.


Epic GamesTurbo Building is back to normal.
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Fans thought all was good from there but then they began noticing and reporting new issues with Turbo Building, although Epic Games said it wasn’t anything they changed this time.

They investigated all of the reports and found whatever the issue was and released a hotfix that handled it.

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“We’ve identified the reason for Turbo Building feeling inconsistent for some players after our August 28th adjustments,” tweeted the official Fortnite account. “We’ve released a hotfix to mitigate this issue and will release a lasting fix in our next client update.”

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Epic Games caught a lot of heat for their changes, so in their revert, they revealed the time between placing builds was being changed back to 0.005 seconds from 0.15 seconds. It may seem like that was just a minor change but it ended up being major and players noticed immediately.


However, some of the changes they wanted to add in were included, such as eliminating the need for low ping by implementing a coin flip for wall taking. This was met with some controversy but nothing close to the time changes.

Epic GamesPlayers can build normally now.
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Nevertheless, whatever problems players were running into should be fixed now with the hotfix. Epic says they will be adding in more permanent changes with the upcoming client update.

For the time being, players should be all set to Turbo Build to their heart’s desire with any problems.