Dr Disrespect roasts NICKMERCS "camera tricks" and challenges him to a weight-lifting contest - Dexerto

Dr Disrespect roasts NICKMERCS “camera tricks” and challenges him to a weight-lifting contest

Published: 27/Feb/2021 15:04

by Calum Patterson


Dr Disrespect or NICKMERCS – who’s the more impressive physical specimen? That’s what the Doc wants to determine with a weight-lifting contest, roasting Mercs’ “flexing” and “camera tricks” on stream.

NICKMERCS has recently started workout streams on his channel, mixed in with his usual Warzone and Fortnite content.

But, when Dr Disrespect gave his YouTube viewers a glimpse of his guns on stream, viewers were quick to compare the two.

Doc explains that he “hasn’t worked out in months” – perhaps due to gym closures – but then revealed a bulging bicep.

Dr Disrespect flexing his muscles
YouTube: Dr Disrespect
The Doc says he hasn’t trained in months…

“When you’re a genetic freak of nature, when you’ve got hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and agility, you’re going to be shredded,” he explained.


A fan soon donated to spark the rivalry: “Hey Doc, Mercs is crying over those guns!” The Doc then began his impersonation of Nick – flexing his neck and trap muscles.

“All his traps flexing, I mean, look how big I look – it’s camera tricks! I’ll tell you right now, here’s what I’ll do, I’m going to throw it out there. I’ll fly to Florida, and meet him in his own gym.”

Topic starts at 31:45

“We’ll have a little workout session, we’ll do arms,” the Doc finishes.

There’s no doubt that a workout stream with NICKMERCS and Dr Disrespect together would be a massive occasion – but there’s a slight problem. As the Doc is still permanently banned, he would not be able to appear on Nick’s stream at all.


Instead, it would likely have to be a YouTube video – one we’d definitely like to see.