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FFXIV players discover deadly Squid Game in Eorzea & it’s amazing

Published: 27/Oct/2021 21:28

by Meg Bethany Koepp


Squid Game has now made its way to Eorzea, with Final Fantasy 14 players duking it out to survive in a fan-made version of the murderous Netflix show.

The series has been a huge hit since its release in September 2021. Despite being a Korean show, viewers worldwide have been captivated by its thrilling plotline of death and desperation, so much so that it’s even crossed over to the video game world with recreations of its childhood games in Roblox, Overwatch, and Genshin Impact, just to name a few.

Now, even Final Fantasy XIV players are getting involved in the deadly competition, with fans creating games like the infamous Red Light, Green Light and Honeycomb in Eorzea. And they’re even dressing the part too, for the true Squid Game experience.


squid game giant doll red light green light
Netflix/Squid Game
Viewers are obsessed with the show’s brutal games.

Squid Game comes to FFXIV

Twitter user ‘ChiliFarmer_’ went viral on the social media platform on October 26 when they expressed their excitement over finding an ongoing round of Squid Game games in the Square Enix MMORPG.

“I STUMBLED UPON A SQUID GAME!” he tweeted alongside a screenshot of the shenanigans which showed a very chaotic round of Red Light, Green Light going on, complete with “dead” players strewn around on the floor.

From there, Chili went on to discover multiple activities from the show, with creators pulling out all the stops to make them as accurate as possible.

According to the user, the gamemasters used random dice rolls to decide the fate of the Honeycomb game as a way to get around the limit of using a needle and candy to play.


And in another hilarious screenshot, the glass bridge game was recreated using glitches, Moogle furniture, and some rather scary-looking Morbol screens.

Unfortunately for Chili, he didn’t survive the games and go on to claim victory. “I did not [win], but it was SO fun to watch,” he said.

The evil mastermind behind the epic Squid Game recreation is the Free Company DGen in Malboro, so if you share the same world, keep an eye out – you may just be able to join in for yourself.