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Will there be an FFXIV Online Halloween event?

Published: 28/Sep/2021 10:55 Updated: 28/Sep/2021 11:03

by Lauren Bergin


Final Fantasy XIV Online’s Halloween event, All Saints’ Wake, hasn’t appeared for a year, but will we finally see the spooky FFXIV celebration return in 2021?

One of the best things about Final Fantasy XIV Online is its selection of seasonal events to keep players on their toes.

To celebrate the summer, FFXIV players could take part in the fun (but ever so slightly dangerous) Moonfire Faire. Receiving the adorable Polar Bear mount for their troubles, all eyes now turn to the next holiday on the cards: Halloween.

Will we see the return of FFXIV All Saints’ Wake in 2021? Or has it been banished to the annals of history to collect cobwebs? Here’s everything we know.



FFXIV All Saints Wake Halloween event pumpkin Lalafel
Square Enix
The last time the veil between worlds dropped was 2019. Will we see the spooks return to Eorzea?

FFXIV Halloween event: All Saints’ Wake dates

While the future of the All Saints’ Wake festival remains uncertain (it didn’t appear in 2020,) if it does return this year, we estimate it to drop around October 17 and run until November 1. Previous years have seen the event arrive between October 17 and 22, but November 1 has become a staple end date.

This would clash, however, with the upcoming Breaking Brick Mountains event, implying that we may not be getting a Halloween celebration this year after all.

Additionally, the event was not included on FFXIV’s seasonal content roadmap, but we’ve seen other evens drop that also didn’t make it onto the official graphic – mysterious, right?


FFXIV Halloween event: All Saints’ Wake rewards

Nothing is set in stone regarding this year’s rewards, but the spooky season has gifted players some of the coolest in-game rewards we’ve ever seen.

2019’s headliner was the Circus Ahriman mount (the one-eyed creature in the image above,) whereas 2018 gave players the adorable but mischievous Little Yin and Little Yang minions.

Rewards could truly be anything, but we’ve got our fingers crossed for yet another spooktacular mount!

FFXIV Online Halloween event cat girl vampire with werewolf
Square Enix
So now you know the rewards, but what is FFXIV’s Halloween festival?

FFXIV Halloween event: All Saints’ Wake lore

Just like Halloween in real life, Eorzea celebrates the thinning of the veil in style. With the saints finally ascending to the heavens, their divine protection over the realm vanishes.


The Warrior of Light and company are the only protector Eorzea has, so it’s your job to ensure that the eerie festivities aren’t ruined by some uninvited guests.

So that’s everything we know about FFXIV’s All Saints’ Wake Halloween event. Hopefully, we see an injection of spook into Eorzea’s streets once more, but until then we’ve got some guides to help you on your merry way:

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