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ZwebackHD calls for FIFA 21 Matthew Hoppe card after Schalke heroics

Published: 10/Jan/2021 6:29 Updated: 13/Jan/2021 18:51

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


ZwebackHD has called for EA SPORTS to add a card for Matthew Hoppe after his impressive performance for FC Schalke in the Bundesliga, which included a hat trick.

ZwebackHD might be one of the most popular FIFA players in the world, but he’s still a regular football fan like anyone else. However, the difference is that his opinions reach a wider audience and are more likely to make an impact.

Like many fans, he was awestruck with Matthew Hoppe’s stellar performance for FC Schalke in the Bundesliga. The 19-year-old striker scored a hat trick against Hoffenheim and secured his team’s first win in 30 matches.


FIFA 21 Matthew Hoppe
Matthew Hoppe has a lowly overall of 56 in FIFA 21, but his performance in real life suggests otherwise.

ZwebackHD believes that kind of performance deserves some accolades in FIFA 21. However, Matthew Hoppe doesn’t even have a card in Ultimate Team. ZwebackHD wants to change that, and he created a concept card on Twitter.

“Dear EA SPORTS, Matthew Hoppe. 19. First American to ever score a hatty in the Bundesliga,” he said. “Gets Schalke their first win in their last 30 matches. We needs this. Needs it.”

The post has been liked almost 3,000 times and sparked a discussion among fans and players. Almost everyone agrees with him in the comments. However, many are pessimistic about the likelihood of it happening, while others remain hopeful.

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Still, at the very least, it’s gaining traction on social media. It’s only a matter of time before it’s brought to EA SPORTS’ attention. But whether they decide to give him a card or not is a different story.

Either way, ZwebackHD, and his fans have made a strong case for Matthew Hoppe. It will be interesting to see whether he chimes in on the issue himself, but he’s probably too busy preparing for his next game to notice!