xQc rage quits and uninstalls FIFA 22 after getting demolished in Ultimate Team - Dexerto

xQc rage quits and uninstalls FIFA 22 after getting demolished in Ultimate Team

Published: 26/Sep/2021 21:18

by Bill Cooney


A disappointing outing in FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team caused xQc to not only ragequit the game, but completely uninstall it as well.

The latest FIFA title comes out fully on October 5, but there are plenty of players throwing down in early access already.

On Sept. 25 Felix decided to get in on the action as well, but his foray into Ultimate Team definitely didn’t exactly go as planned.

Now, to be fair, the streamer played for for around two hours, but it was his last Ultimate Team match that sent him over the edge. Already down 6-0 at halftime, he wasn’t able to close the gap no matter how hard he tried.


“I’m gonna say it: soccer is one of the most dogs**t sports to ever exist, it’s an embarassment to humankind. I said it, get mad,” xQc said after his opponent scored yet again. “Keep malding, and I want to make sure people understand: it is not ‘football,’ it’s soccer.”

Following that outburst his opponent would find the back of the net yet again, making the final scoreline of 8-2. Any FIFA player would probably consider taking a break after such a drubbing, but xQc decided to take it one step further.

After closing the game out, Felix didn’t stop and went to uninstall the game completely from his computer without a word. Safe to say this probably means it’s one game the streamer probably won’t be touching for awhile.


It’s a shame too, as xQc spent a good amount of time building his FUT team, and even got them spiffy orange kits to represent his famous “juice,” but it just wasn’t enough.

The streaming star could return to FIFA sometime down the line once the memory of his brutal defeat wears off, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be on the pitch for opening day on October 5.