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How to watch FIFA 21 gameplay reveal stream: new AI, creative runs, more

Published: 3/Aug/2020 7:32

by Isaac McIntyre


EA SPORTS are set to unveil all the FIFA 21 gameplay for this year’s Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Volta, and more in a gameplay trailer set to premiere on August 4. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming livestream.

Fans have been getting a slow-drip of FIFA 21 information over the past few weeks, including an official trailer on July 23 ⁠— which allegedly had a couple of sneaky clues teasing new FIFA 21 features ⁠— and a host of unofficial leaks.

EA is poised to drop their biggest info dump in a new gameplay trailer next, and we’ve got all the details. The livestream itself is set to premiere on YouTube on August 4. In fact, the “Official Gameplay Trailer” is already publicly listed.


The trailer drops around 30 hours from now. For US fans, that’s 10am (CT) or 11am (EDT) depending on which coast you’re on. If you’re based in the United Kingdom, you’ll be able to watch all the new action from 5pm (BST).

FIFA 21 gameplay trailer livestream

FIFA 21 gameplay trailer: what to expect

The new FIFA 21 trailer promises it will “dig deeper on all the new gameplay features” set to arrive in the 2020 release. EA has teased the planned FIFA gameplay overhaul will “reward players for creativity and control.”

For those FIFA fans worrying all these new features may just be EA fluff ahead of the new release ⁠— a fair concern, to be honest ⁠— rest easy; the publishers have confirmed there will be a minor overhaul coming for franchise’s gameplay.


“Informed by the feedback from the community, revisions to the fundamentals of football in FIFA raise the game throughout the pitch,” EA wrote in a FIFA 21 update released last month.

This overhaul will include “manual headers, more balanced blocking, more intelligent passing, and increased responsiveness. This gives you more control on and off the ball,” the series publishers explained.

Creative Runs, Positioning Personality, more

This new overhaul will also see a number of new features added to the series. EA gameplay producer Tom Caleffi said ‘creative runs’ will be a “game-changer”; the same can also be said for the new ‘agile dribbling’ skill too.

FIFA 21 will also see the series AI tweaked again. That change comes in the form of a new “positioning personality” system. This should make vs-computer games “a bit more fluid.”


“World-class forwards will hold their runs to stay level with the last defender to stay onside,” the devs explained.

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“Playmakers will hunt for space to operate between the lines. The best defenders will close down passing lanes more effectively to make it harder for the opposition to create opportunities.”

EA has promised a hefty overhaul of attacking and defending systems in FIFA 21.
EA has promised a hefty overhaul of attacking and defending systems in FIFA 21.

So there you have it ⁠— everything we can expect from the FIFA 21 gameplay trailer. Hopefully the new announcements are just as exciting as all the other news we’ve heard, including the rumors fitness cards will finally be dumped in Ultimate Team.

Keep an eye on our Twitter account @UltimateTeamUK to hear about all the new features first, and don’t forget to tune into the gameplay premiere on August 4!