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How FIFA 21 Preview Packs work in Ultimate Team: Festival of FUTball

Published: 18/Jun/2021 18:09

by Bill Cooney


EA Sports has announced they’re adding a new feature to FIFA 21 called Preview Packs, which will actually allow players to see some of what’s in a pack before buying it.

The Festival of FUTball event kicked off June 11, but a week later on June 18 EA announced an honest to goodness new feature called Preview Packs.

These packs will actually allow us to see all the specific Items contained within them before we need to pull the trigger and spend some hard earned FUT Coins or FIFA Points.

How to buy Preview Packs in FIFA 21

EA Sports
Preview Packs will have eye icons and a special popup.

If you choose to buy one, you’ll see an icon and a popup with an eye indicating it is a Preview Pack. Once you confirm you’ll be taken to a new “in-game flow” screen, where you can select specific Items that are within the pack before being given the option to finalize the deal.


A full breakdown of how this works is listed down below:

  1. Select a Preview Pack in the FUT Store to preview its contents. Be sure the pack you’re choosing can be previewed.
  2. Once you’ve selected to preview the pack, choose to watch or skip the preview animation.
  3. After the animation, you can review all of the Items contained in the pack in full.
    • NOTE: At this point you still won’t have spent any FUT Coins or FIFA Points.
  4. If you decide that you do want to buy the pack, press the appropriate button on the bottom of the screen.
    • NOTE: Selecting “Buy Pack” gives one final prompt asking you to confirm your purchase and choose whether to use FUT Coins or FIFA Points.
  5. If you decide not to buy the pack, you’ll see the pack remains in the store, but it’s now on a refresh timer. This timer has to expire before you’re able to preview another pack of the same type.
  6. Players can still view a previous pack again to go through the contents and the option to buy it as long as the preview’s still active, and Preview Packs are still available in the FUT Store.
    • NOTE: This excludes Time Limited and Limited Quantity FUT Packs.
  7. Finally, if the refresh timer is still active you can either buy it to make another appear or wait for the timer to expire (which seems to take about a day) for another to appear.
EA Sports
Preview Packs, in theory, let you decide if a pack is worth the price.

Preview Packs will also be the only pack type available in the FUT Store during Festival of FUTball, and at the end of the campaign, other pack types will return.