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FIFA 22 Squad Battles glitch returns to give players easy rewards

Published: 6/Oct/2021 19:31 Updated: 6/Oct/2021 19:35

by David Purcell


EA SPORTS have another big job on their hands as FIFA 22 players have discovered a new Squad Battles glitches, which gives them insane rewards without putting the work in. 

This issue has plagued the game for the two previous entries, allowing Ultimate Team fans to capitalize on a bug where the AI doesn’t fight back after going a goal behind.

Last year, the developers tried to stamp it out on numerous occasions with various hotfixes, though the community kept discovering new ways to make it work.

In FIFA 22, the exploit is back and better than ever.

FIFA 22 Squad Battles glitch explained

fifa 22 squad battles prizes
FIFA 22 Squad Battles can be a long grind, but not with this glitch.

Many FUT club owners will be wondering how to do the FIFA 22 Squad Battles glitch before it’s inevitably taken out of the game.


While we wouldn’t recommend getting coins in this way, it appears the process is just as easy as ever. On October 6, a Reddit post from user chummi17 revealed there is still a way to make the Squad Battles glitch work in-game.

As seen in the video below, by taking to the corners and using ball rolls, the AI opponents refuse to press the ball.

"SHOW SOME LOVE"Found a SB glitch working in world class, Easily to elite 1. Those 2 rare players pack looks rewarding 😉 from FIFA

This means that, in theory, members of the community could win every single match after taking the lead with little to no opposition, maximizing their rewards.

How does it work?

The FIFA 22 Squad Battles glitch requires players to select World Class difficulty for their opponents.


From there, they need to score a goal in the offline match. Once that has been achieved, moving the ball to a corner of the pitch and using the ball roll skill move will prevent opponents from pressing.

Some are touting this as the easiest way to arrive in Elite 1 rank on Squad Battles, in which case they would receive 30,000 coins and two Rare Mega Packs. If you would like to know more about pack weight and odds of getting high-rated cards, check out our guide here.