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FIFA 21 star Anders Vejrgang finally loses after 536 game unbeaten FUT Champs run

Published: 14/Feb/2021 11:22 Updated: 14/Feb/2021 16:27

by Joe Craven


Anders Vejrgang, FIFA 21 pro player for Bundesliga outfit Red Bull Leipzig, has finally lost a game on FUT Champions Weekend League after a mind-blowing 536 wins in a row. 

The story of Anders Vejrgang – the Danish fourteen-year-old racking up unbeaten Weekend League after unbeaten Weekend League – has impressed FIFA players across the globe since the game dropped back in October.

He has become well known as one of the world’s best players, a feat made even more remarkable given the fact he is just 14-years-old.

However, on February 13, over 4 months since the game released, he finally came unstuck in a FUT Champions match, falling to a 5-1 defeat after 536 consecutive wins.


The 14-year-old initially looked on track for another unbeaten weekend, making his way to a 26-0 start. It wasn’t to be though, with Anders coming up against a formidable team in his 27th match.

The opponent was boasting Neymar and Pele among others, but it was to be Brazilian ICON who would signal the end for Anders’ unbeaten record.

Despite being just 0-1 down at half time, the Dane’s opponent pulled away in the second half, sitting at 3-1 up in the 85th minute. With Anders pouring forward to try and salvage extra time, a quick double from Neymar and Pele put the final nails in the coffin, resigning Anders to a 5-1 defeat.


Following the defeat, Anders didn’t seem to have a lot to say, opting instead to go back through his match and rewatch the key moments.

A number of other pro players tweeted their support for Anders, congratulating him on such a remarkable run at such a young age.

Swedish pro player Boras was one to vocalize his thoughts, saying: “536 wins in a row. Five, three, six. Taste that. The jaws dropped at 200 wins. He almost tripled that. No pro has ever been close in the 5-year history of FUT Champions. And he started the streak at age of 14. You are destined for greatness.”


Others, like Harry Hesketh and Kurt0411, joined the outpouring of congratulations for the young star. It’s obviously a disappointing moment for Anders, but 536 consecutive wins is a jaw-dropping accomplishment, regardless of how it came to an end.

Whether he continues his FUT Champs series from here on out appears to be up in the air, but Anders certainly looks destined for great things in competitive FIFA.