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FIFA 21 Pre-Season promo LIVE: Best Of re-releases, FUT 22 rewards, SBCs & more

Published: 28/Aug/2021 2:50

by David Purcell


EA SPORTS Pre-Season promotion in FIFA 21 is now live, and it gives players the chance to grab themselves some FIFA 22 FUT rewards before the game comes out. Here’s everything you need to know.

The Pre-Season promotion event was first introduced in FIFA 20 on the back of Summer Heat. It proved to be a huge hit, with countess players jumping at the opportunity to build up rewards in the lead-up to FIFA 21.

It’s back again now that FIFA 22 is around the corner, giving players the chance to give themselves a head start before the early access period with EA Play and special editions go live. Let’s take a look at all the rewards.


FIFA 22 Pre-Season promo rewards

FIFA Pre-Season includes different rewards compared to last year. The good old FUT Coin boost from previous years is still included, but now players can get their hands on Position Packs, FUT 22 starter kits, and more.

Here’s a list of all the packs, consumables, player loan items, and in-game vanity items below you can unlock in the FIFA 21 Pre-Season promo:

  • FUT 22 Coin Boost (5 games x 1000 coins) x 2
    • FUT 22 Warm-Up Daily SBCs will be released; complete 5 in a row to earn the FUT 22 Coin Boost group reward for the corresponding Objective.
  • FUT 22 Kick Starter Pack – includes the following:
    • 5 x Chemistry Styles (Guaranteed 1 Shadow/Hunter)
    • 5 x Gold Rare Player Contracts
    • 1 x FUT 21 Kit Pick (Choose between El Chavo, Venice Beach FC, Alive & Kicking, FUT Future Stars Kits)
    • Gold Players Pack

  • FUT 22 League of Your Own Pack – includes the following:
    • 3 Gold Bundesliga Players Pack (1 Rare)
    • 3 Gold LaLiga Players Pack (1 Rare)
    • 3 Gold Ligue 1 Players Pack (1 Rare)
    • 3 Gold Premier League Players Pack (1 Rare)
    • 3 Gold Serie A Players Pack (1 Rare)

Just to note, all FUT 22 Pre-Season rewards are untradeable. According to EA, FUT 22 rewards earned during Pre-Season will be granted by 12 October 2021. Finally, FUT 22 rewards must be redeemed by logging in to FUT 22 by 12 November 2021.

FIFA 21 Pre-Season UCL SBCs

Halftime SBCs were featured last time during the Pre-Season event, based around the Champions League and Europa League competitions.


With the Champions and Europa Leagues set to return on September 14 — and the draws taking place on August 26 and 27 — a tie-in to the start of this year’s campaign could be a very real possibility.

Their official description is: “During halftime breaks of Champions and Europa League matches, limited-time puzzle SBCs will be made available.”

FIFA 21 Pre-Season objectives

FIFA 21 Pre-Season Objectives are also expected to go live at some point, including ‘Best of Pack’ content with TOTYs, Road to the Final players, and more.

The FIFA 22 Pre-Season promo will likely be based around upcoming Champions League fixtures.

The FUT 22 Pre-Season went live on Friday, 27 August at 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST and is expected to last all the way until FIFA 22’s release in October.


More rewards will be available in the coming weeks too, so be sure to check back as we’ll be covering those rewards when they come out as well.