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FIFA 21 Leeds stadium Elland Road leaked, but there’s a catch

Published: 29/Jan/2021 13:53

by Jacob Hale


A new leak suggests Leeds United stadium Elland Road is finally coming to FIFA 21 — but there’s one major catch that’s sure to upset Leeds fans.

Elland Road has been one of the most iconic stadiums in Premier League history, with Leeds playing there since the team’s inception in 1919.

It’s been an absolute fortress at times, home to some aggressive and beautiful football, and you can imagine Leeds’ fans’ disappointment when it wasn’t available in FIFA 21 right off the bat.

Now, their wishes are being answered with the stadium allegedly coming to the game very soon, but you shouldn’t get your hopes up too much. It’s not quite as exciting as it sounds.


patrick bamford leeds fifa 21
Putting Leeds stars like Bamford back in front of the North Stand is only right for FIFA 21.

Title Update 9 dropped on January 26 on PC and is due on console soon, but new leaks suggest it will be bringing Elland Road with it, despite no confirmation from EA themselves.

As shown by FIFA_21 in the tweet below, the images that have leaked are definitely of Elland Road, all but confirming the stadium is coming to the game.

However, they also mention that it will only be playable in the Kick-Off mode — leaving it out of Ultimate Team and Career Mode, much to the dismay and confusion of fans.

While the account themselves questioned its availability only in Kick-Off, some of the responses echo the same sentiment.


For example, Leeds supporters Ashley and Luke simply questioned what the point in it is if the stadium can’t be used in the more popular modes.

It’s unclear why this decision was made, or whether EA SPORTS have later plans to include Elland Road in more popular modes such as Ultimate Team, but if enough fans complain it will definitely give them something to think about.

In the real world, Leeds currently find themselves in 12th place in their return season to the Premier League with their entertaining brand of football. That said, Bielsa’s men will be hoping they can continue their form and become a mainstay in the league once again.