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FIFA 21 Guaranteed What If player SBC: Requirements, cost, solution

Published: 8/Mar/2021 12:46

by Connor Bennett


A new Squad Building Challenge (SBC) is now live in FIFA 21, and you can get your hands on a guaranteed What If card for cheaper than the going rate. Here’s what you need to know.

Even though some FIFA Ultimate Teams were expecting Winter Refresh or January One to Watch cards to arrive with the most recent promo, that wasn’t the case.

Instead, EA SPORTS released a brand-new promo – What If. It’s a pretty simple idea too. Depending on how a player’s team performs in real-life, they can get a nice +2 boost to their new card, which has already been juiced in ratings.


The going rate for some of the cards on the market has been pretty astronomical, but if you want to try your luck, you could get one for cheap thanks to the Guaranteed What If Player SBC.

FIFA 21 SBC image for Kevin Macluit card and What If team 2
EA Sports
The What If promo has given us some great cards in FIFA 21.

Guaranteed What If player SBC requirements

This Squad Building Challenge is the first one related to the promo. We’ve already had Leroy Fer – who will get a boost thanks to Feyernoord’s 6-0 win – and Fiorentina’s Kevin Macluit.

Like those, this SBC is pretty simple too. You just need to build one squad that is at least 85-rated and has at least 30 team chemistry.

Of course, an 85-overall team is not to be sniffed at, some FUT Champs squad aren’t even that high. Though, if you’ve got fodder cards laying around, it could be quite simple.


  • Guaranteed What If Player: Min. 85 Squad Rating, Min. 30 Team Chemistry

Guaranteed What If player SBC cheap solutions & cost

Seeing as it’s only one squad, you won’t have to shell out all that much if you don’t have a tonne of fodder cards in your club to use.

According to FUTBin, building the squad from scratch will set you back between 155-185k. Which, given the price of some of the better What If cards, is a bit of a bargain.

Though, we’ve got two solutions that should save you some coins.

Solution for the FIFA 21 Guaranteed What If player SBC Solution for the FIFA 21 Guaranteed What If player SBC

Sadly, if you don’t get the player you want, you can’t go back and try your luck a second time. The SBC is non-repeatable and will be gone after March 15.


However, if you manage to grab something nice, be sure to let us know by tweeting us – @UltimateTeamUK.