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FIFA 21 FUT Birthday: Release date, leaks, FUT cards, SBC & Objectives

Published: 9/Mar/2021 12:05

by Connor Bennett


It’s almost time for Ultimate Team to celebrate FIFA 21 FUT Birthday, and EA should have some nice content lined up. Here’s what we know about the promo.

Since first being released back in FIFA 09, Ultimate Team has gone from strength to strength. The formula stays the same, but new content and features make things fresh every year.

The constant new promos are always something to look forward to, and in FIFA 21, we’ve had some classics as well as some new ones.

The next big promo that we’re gearing up for is FUT Birthday, the annual celebration of Ultimate Team’s inception. So, here’s what we know about FIFA 21’s plans for the party, including some details that have leaked ahead of schedule. 


FUT Birthday has been celebrated for the last few years in FIFA.

FIFA 21 FUT Birthday start date

Unlike some other promos, EA can’t really just spring FUT Birthday onto us with a surprise loading screen. It’s a birthday after all, it’s the same date every year.

This year, it should start on FUT’s actual birthday, March 19. That’s a Friday, and EA love a Friday start for big promos.

FUT Birthday leaks

Some details have been leaked for the promo so far, but information on what to expect is still relatively slim.

While we can speculate about what may or may not be included, according to King Langpard on Twitter (who has leaked several FUT promos recently), we should expect to see it land in-game soon. Previously, he confirmed FUT Player Days would be returning – which it did on March 8, 2021. 


FIFA 21 FUT Birthday cards & rewards

In previous years, EA have released boosted cards of some of the best players in the game. No one will be forgetting FIFA 20’s Nick Pope in a hurry.

It should be a similar story this year, too. We’ll get a team or two of players releasing, as well as special packs, and a nice new card design.

FIFA 20’s celebration had some great cards.

FUT Birthday SBCs & Objectives in FIFA 21

On top of new cards, yes, we should get some new SBCs and Objectives to work on too. It’s just a case of whether these are going to be daily releases or staggered.

Again, cards and packs should be locked to SBCs and Objectives, so if you like to do SBCs or play games solely for the challenges, there will be content for you.


FIFA 21 FUT Birthday packs and leaks

Just like with Team of the Year and other major promos, lightning rounds and special packs should return in this years celebration.

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Though, it’s unlikely that we’ll get any new pack types. They’ll likely just be the ones we’ve come to know and open each and every year. 

As we get closer and closer to the party, we’ll be updating this article with new info, so be sure to check back in with us.

Also, be sure to check our Twitter page – @UltimateTeamUK – where we’ll also provide updates on what to expect.

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