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EA cancels FIFA 22 beta test after multiple leaks from creators

Published: 23/Jun/2021 19:16 Updated: 23/Jun/2021 20:14

by Nick Farrell


Just as FIFA 22 leaks had started to spill onto our timelines, it appears EA SPORTS have pulled the plug on their first beta test of the game – with fans fearing the private beta may now be under threat. 

FIFA 22 has yet to be revealed, but this has not stopped leaks from surfacing in relation to gameplay and in-game screenshots. On June 23, a notable leaker within the FIFA community revealed an ample amount of features, and it looks like the dev team has taken a stand.

While we expected EA’s first major reveal of the game will come at the upcoming EA Play Live set for July 2021, these spilled details have noted a lot of changes coming this year.


Now, the entire playtesting beta has been canceled, with fans fearing the worst about the chances of them securing a beta code closer to release.

Leaks have revealed features regarding FUT Champs, ICONs, and more

FIFA 22 play-test gets shut down

The leaks that surfaced on June 23 noted some significant changes coming to FIFA 22, notable ones include FUT Champs changes and meta information, following on from previous suggestions about the ICONs that may feature in the next installment.

Much of these leaks were from KingLangpard on Twitter, who has since posted some potentially daunting news for FIFA fans. From what we understand, a select few content creators were invited to the preview event, with content subject to change.


In a follow-up from earlier leaks, they noted that all play-testers have since received an email citing that the play-test beta has been canceled.

While some guessed the shutdown may have been due to server issues, it can be assumed that this is a decisive move by EA following the leaks from creators, and it has stunned play-testers around the community who did not break this embargo.

This was also reported by FUTZone on Twitter.

They said: “I have confirmation from a playtester, the FIFA 22 Playtest was shut down because of Leaks and Screenshots being shared around on social media. It has nothing to do with bugs or servers etc.”


Images of FIFA 22 menus and logos had been shared all over Twitter on June 23, as seen in another tweet from FUTZone.

FIFA 22 private beta canceled?

This has also brought into question whether or not EA is going to delay or even cancel the private beta for players, to protect more information about the game before it launches this Fall.

For now, we will have to wait and see what EA’s next move is, but today’s news is something fans did not expect to see. Now, we follow their next steps closely as this could be a monumental moment in EA’s stance against leaks.


Dexerto has reached out to EA for confirmation and comment on how this will affect future beta testing.