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Best FIFA 21 kits to buy in Ultimate Team, ranked

Published: 6/Apr/2021 11:41 Updated: 17/Jun/2021 15:31

by Alex Garton


Although FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is all about picking the perfect players, many of us do like our teams to have the best-looking kit possible as well. 

FIFA 21 was released back in October 2020 and players have had plenty of time to build up their perfect Ultimate Team. Although it can be difficult to piece together the best starting XI possible, it’s often just as challenging to pick a kit for your team to wear while they’re out on the pitch.

While a great-looking kit won’t turn your squad into world-beaters, it will make your team look amazing while they’re playing at their best. The question is, which are the best kits in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team?


Here are the best jerseys to transform the look of your squad before your next online match.

Best FIFA 21 kits, ranked

10. Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. (Away Kit)

FIFA 21 Wolves Kit
Wolverhampton Wanderers away kit.

It’s not hard to see why the Wolverhampton Wanderers away kit is so popular among the FIFA 21 community. The shirt has a unique design that differs from the team’s orange home kit and is definitely a great choice for any starting XI in FUT.

9. AFC Ajax (Away Kit)

Ajax away kit FIFA
Ajax’s patterned light-blue away kit.

Although it might not be to everyone’s taste, Ajax’s away kit is certainly unique and will make any starting XI stand out.

8. Borussia Dortmund (Home Kit)

Borussia Dortmund home kit FIFA
Borussia Dortmund yellow and black home kit.

There’s no other shirt like it and if you’re a fan of the combination of yellow and black, Borussia Dortmund’s home kit is always a solid choice.


7. Arsenal (Away Kit)

Arsenal away kit FIFA 21
Arsenal’s white away kit.

The red streaks make Arsenal’s away shirt completely unique and are perfect for a player who is looking for a clean-looking kit, with a twist.

6. F.C Barcelona (Home Kit)

Barcelona home kit FIFA 21
Barcelona’s classic home kit.

You can never go wrong with Barcelona’s classic home kit, it makes any squad look incredible on the pitch.

5. Hertha BSC (Away Kit)

Hertha BSC away kit FIFA
Hertha BSC’s blue away kit.

Hertha BSC’s away shirt is another example of a sleek-looking kit with a twist that’s guaranteed to make any starting XI look brilliant.

4. FC Bayern Munich (Third Kit)

Bayern Munich third kit FIFA
Bayern Munich’s black and red third kit.

Every single one of Bayern Munich’s shirts looking incredible, but the third kit’s combination of black and red makes it stand out from the crowd.

3. Orlando Pirates (Away Kit)

Orlando Pirates away kit FIFA
Orlando Pirates’ orange away kit.

With perhaps the most eye-catching shirt on this list, Orlando Pirates’ away kit is guaranteed to grab the attention of your opponent in an online match.


2. S.L Benfica (Third Kit)

Benfica Third Kit FIFA
SL Benfica’s white and gold third kit.

The combination of white and gold on Benfica’s third kit makes it one of the best-looking shirts in the game.

1. F.C Barcelona (Away Kit)

Barcelona away kit FIFA 21
Barcelona’s black and gold away kit.

Taking the top spot is Barcelona’s black and gold away kit that would make any team of silver players look world-class on the pitch. It may not be as eye-catching as the team’s iconic home shirt, but its simplistic design looks amazing on any team.

That rounds off our list of the best kits to pick up for your Ultimate Team in FIFA 21. Although the list above is a top 10, the best-looking kit is all subject to opinion and down to preference.


Take a look through the selection and pick out the shirt that you think would suit your team best. A new kit won’t guarantee you any success on the pitch, but at least your starting XI will look great while you’re taking on other players online.