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Fall Guys

Fall Guys team mini-game guide: Egg Scramble, Hoopsie Daisy, more

Published: 19/Aug/2020 8:47

by Brad Norton


While the yellow squad often feels at a disadvantage in Fall Guys, there are plenty of ways to fight back and gain the upper hand in team-based mini-games. We’ve compiled a detailed guide on each of the seven modes so you can get closer to your next crown.

Fall Guys is all about skill. And maybe a little bit of luck. Ok, it’s mostly about luck but that’s what keeps everyone hooked to the charming battle royale. Games can be over in a flash but everyone is on equal footing going into each new round.

It might be your lucky run where all of your favorite mini-games appear in rotation, or you could fall flat and be stuck with your least favorite. It’s a roll of the dice every time but a few things are guaranteed. In every single matchup, you’ll encounter at least one team-based game mode. Sometimes you’ll run into multiple in a row.


While they might feel less ‘in your control’ than solo games, there’s still plenty you can do to swing the odds in your team’s favor. Here’s a full guide on every team mini-game in Fall Guys and how you can always be pushing for the win.

Fall Guys Egg Scramble Guide

Fall Guys egg collection
Golden eggs are far more valuable in Fall Guys, but they shouldn’t be your sole focus.

Egg Scramble is often a complete mess of a mini-game. Three squads fight over a set amount of eggs for two minutes. Whichever team ends with the smallest collection of eggs in their base will be eliminated.

The opening moments of a round has dozens of players jumping into the center to fight over three golden eggs. These award five points but teams often put too much effort into collecting these over all else.


A completely viable strategy can often be to just wait for the initial chaos to calm down before making your move. You can assess which teams got the most out of the flurry and target their bases. More often than not, things can quickly devolve as one team with an initial disadvantage just gets piled on until the round is over. To combat this, do all that you can to defend your base while attacking the next lowest-scoring team.

Try not to spend too much time stuck in one place. Regular eggs will do just fine if that’s all you can grab. Just make sure you’re constantly defending and bouncing eggs back into your base, or constantly attacking by yoinking eggs from other bases.


Fall Guys Hoarders Guide

Fall Guys Hoarders gameplay
One team is guaranteed to have a rough time in Hoarders.

Hoarders is a very similar mini-game to Egg Scramble. The only real difference being that the eggs are 100 times as large here. In this unique mode, teams of three will battle it out for control of seven balls. In order to claim one as your own, it simply has to cross the line and be placed on your side of the map.

Given that teams have two minutes to struggle for control in this mode, things can be messy until the final moment. Instead of focusing on your own section of the map, a great tactic can be to pressure a specific team. If the red side starts out at a deficit, you can keep them there by grabbing enemies and booping balls out of their corner.


You can always stick to a single ball and keep track of it through the entire round as well. So long as you’re doing your part to assist your team while keeping enemy scores low, you should be on your way to the next round.

Fall Guys Rock ‘N’ Roll Guide

Fall Guys gameplay
Fall Guys can often reward you for directly griefing other teams.

In this particular mode, you have two distinct ways of playing. The ultimate goal is to get your ball to the end of the map as soon as possible. Three teams rush to get there first, with the slowest squad being knocked out of the match. You can focus on pushing or you can focus on blocking, the choice is yours.


If you want to help push the ball, be sure to take a confident approach and instantly start running ahead. The sooner you can get through the initial high-ground phase, the better chance you’ll have at avoiding blockers in the next phase.

If you’ve decided to be a blocker instead, you’ll need to abandon the ball almost immediately. Head to the end of the first phase and jump off straight away. From here, keep a close eye on the two rival teams and try to stand underneath. As soon as their balls reach the ground floor, you’ll be in place to stop the momentum and let your team cruise on through.

Fall Guys Fall Ball Guide

Fall Guys gameplay
Channel your inner Cristiano Ronaldo for this mode in Fall Guys.

Fall Ball is maybe the simplest mode to get a grasp of in Fall Guys. If you know the basics of soccer (football), you’ll be right at home here. Two balls will drop into the map to start things out, and your team will need to score as many goals as possible in a brief time limit.

Standing close to your goal can be extremely helpful as just a slight tap will offset any momentum as enemies push up close. You can also focus on grabbing rival players to stop them from saving goals on the other side of the pitch.

The most overlooked part of this particular mode is what to do when new balls spawn in, however. Once a goal is scored, it takes a few seconds before a new ball appears in the middle of the map. It drops in from overhead, meaning that with perfect timing, you can dive into it, instantly launching it towards the enemy goal for a quick and easy score.

Fall Guys Hoopsie Daisy Guide

Fall Guys gameplay
No mode requires you to dive quite as much as Hoopsie Daisy.

In Hoopsie Daisy you’ll be running and jumping nonstop. Hoops will continuously spawn in across the map and three teams are tasked with diving through them to rack up points. The more you can get in the time limit, the better chance you’ll have at progressing through to the next round.

Golden rings will spawn in occasionally and you’ll definitely want to make these your priority. They award far more points than usual rings so expect plenty of competition as you get close. It can often be a good idea to stay closer to the center of the map. This allows you to time your movements and go after rings on both sides as soon as they appear.

Try to focus on your own plays here rather than fixating on the enemy team. Pushing for as many hoops as possible should be your sole focus, regardless of what the enemy teams are doing.

Fall Guys Team Tail Tag Guide

Fall guys tail gameplay
Trying to keep a hold of your tail for two minutes can be quite the challenge.

Team Tail Tag can be one of the more frustrating minigames in Fall Guys. Three teams spawn with a set number of tails. Grabbing enemies will steal tails from their team and as per usual, the squad with the least gets eliminated. 

If you load into the map with a tail already attached, your job is to evade enemies at all costs. The key with this mode, though, is that tails can be stolen at the very last moments. Even if you play perfectly for the first 119 seconds, keeping your tail the entire time, someone can nab it on the last frame. This could be enough to drop your team down a notch and even out of the game. Moreover, you can only hold a single tail at once. So no matter how well you play, if your teammates get unlucky, it’ll drag you down.

As a result, don’t stress too much about the first minute of the game. If you lose your tail and your team is on the decline, it’s no big deal. Leads can instantly change hands in a split second. Try to target the color closest to the bottom of the scoreboard when it does come time to grab a tail. This can help you narrowly secure a lead and move on to the next round.

Fall Guys Jinxed Guide

Fall Guys Jinxed gameplay
You’ll need to be the last one standing to win for your team in Jinxed.

Last but not least, Jinxed is another team-based game that revolves around individual play more than anything. Two players start out with the ‘jinxed’ effect. Anyone they grab from here on out will also be tainted by this cloudy visual. The last team standing with an untouched player will win the round.

Early in this mode, you’ll want to get your bearings and try to scout the jinxed players. If they’re close by without you noticing, it could lead to an early loss. Once you have this intel, the next step is figuring out your position on the map. You can try to remain in one place until enemies get close, or you can constantly be on the move. Both options are viable, so long as you keep an eye on the cloudy effects nearby.

If you happen to be grabbed before the round ends, it’s now your job to hunt down enemy players. Grabbing as many rivals as possible will help swing the victory in your favor. Try to assess the space around you and look to cut off certain exits. If the opposite team has nowhere to run, you’ll be able to grab them with ease.

Fall Guys gameplay
Team Games make up just seven of the 24 modes in Fall Guys today.

Ultimately, many team-based mini-games in Fall Guys will come down to a lot of luck. Without a direct means of communication, you simply have to hope that your teammates will work together and be on the same page. In an ideal match, however, these tips can help you with every team game and help get you closer to your next crown.