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Fall Guys

Fall Guys survival mini-game guide: Block Party, Roll Out, more

Published: 20/Aug/2020 11:06

by James Busby


Fall Guys survival mini-games are some of the hardest to beat in the entire game, especially since you only get one life. To help increase your odds of success, we’ve compiled a detailed guide on each of the three modes so you can get a shot at claiming the crown. 

Fall Guys sees up to 60 players take part in ridiculous mini-games that have been heavily inspired by gameshow classics. There’s Door Dash, a direct copy of Takeshi’s Castle’s infamous Knock Knock round, and even a nod to classic games from the UK’s very own It’s a Knockout. 


The action is highly competitive, very intense, and always ridiculously silly. However, grabbing a win can be incredibly difficult, especially when there are so many other players looking to take the crown from your very clutches. Fall Guys survival rounds are notoriously unforgiving and one mistake can send you reeling back to the menu screen. If you’re struggling to make it past the survival game modes, then read on for some lifesaving tips. 

Block Party Guide

Fall Guys Block Party mini-game
Stick to the middle and ready those jumps to avoid an early elimination.

This mini-game requires you to avoid the moving walls and remain on the platform. Block Party may seem incredibly easy at first, but things can quickly take a turn for the worse if you get caught slacking. The first rounds require little effort to get through as the walls move very slowly, giving you more than enough time to safely dodge out the way. 


However, it’s during the final seconds that things really start to ramp up. To avoid falling into the pink stuff below, we recommend sticking to the middle of the map. Make sure you constantly run back to center after every successful jump, as you’ll be able to drastically reduce the time needed to reach both sides of the arena. Don’t veer to close to the top or bottom of the platform as one mistimed jump can cost you the game. 

It can be easy to get carried away by the momentum of the other players on the map, so try to always keep in the center of the pack to avoid being pushed off. Lastly, always look ahead to see which obstacles are coming your way, and begin preparing your movements well before the obstacle makes its way across the platform. 


Roll Out Guide

Fall Guys Roll Out mini-game
Minimize your movements and switch between the platforms only when you have to.

Featuring gigantic rotating rings, various obstacles, and arduous gaps – Roll Out can defeat even the most competent players if they’re not careful. Due to the ever-moving nature of Roll Out’s platforms, it can be tempting to constantly run around. However, it’s actually more beneficial to limit your movements. Instead, try to only run when you need to find another platform. 

The more you run around, the more chances you have of falling off. Players will often get in your way and this is where things can get a little dangerous. Trying to navigate particularly small platforms or those with obstacles on can quickly end in frustration, especially when you get knocked off by enemy beans.


Find the slower platforms and stick to these for as long as possible before making the hazardous trek to the next location. Slow and steady really does win the race here. 

Jump Club Guide

Jump Club mini-game
One mistimed jump can quickly land you in the pink stuff.

Avoid the two moving arms and stay on the platform to win. This minigame may sound simple, but it’s surprising how many players get caught out by it. After all, the two rotating poles drastically increase in speed during the game’s later rounds. While it can be tempting to limit your movements, it’s often best to run in the opposite direction. 

This will allow you to avoid both obstacles more easily as there will be a bigger gap between the moving poles. Once the gap is big enough, simply hop over and begin the process once again. In terms of positioning, try to always keep your distance from other players as even the smallest trip can result in a domino effect. In fact, it’s usually those who mistime their jumps that end up dragging other players down with them. 


These Fall Guys survival mini-game tips and tricks should give you the edge needed to claim the crown. If you’ve found these tips helpful, then be sure to follow @FallGuysPage on Twitter for all the latest game updates and news.