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Censor travels to India to raise awareness for competitive gaming

Published: 25/Sep/2018 0:54 Updated: 25/Sep/2018 1:07

by Virginia Glaze


Call of Duty pro and YouTuber Doug ‘Censor’ Martin made a trip to Mumbai, India to raise awareness for the country’s esports scene.

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In a vlog, Censor revealed that he had traveled to India to promote competitive gaming for the Olympic Channel, with an emphasis on Counter-Strike. He hosted a nine-minute video on the country’s competitive gaming scene, which can be viewed on the Channel’s website.

Censor noted the disparity between India’s gaming community and that of the United States, stating that, while kids can hop to their local GameStop to pick up a controller or console accessories, getting such hardware isn’t even a possibility in India.


“It’s crazy to me how a lot of these people don’t have access to consoles,” he stated towards the end of his vlog. “…over there, on the other side of the world, they don’t even understand what that is because they’re so far behind.”

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During his trip, Censor likewise decided to roam about the city, making a special effort to find local cuisine.

Censor ended up making his way to a spot named ‘Jaihind Lunch Home’ with a few friends he’d made in the area. He indulged in a dish called ‘Chicken Lollipop,’ which was essentially a plate of fried chicken with curry sauce.


He described the sauce as, ‘bitter,’ but appeared to be thoroughly pleased with the chicken itself. He was likewise surprised at the food’s price – he cited one friend’s ‘Fish Tali’ as costing only $4.00.

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He then made his way to a crowded beach, where he was stopped by a slew of beachgoers to take pictures – despite them not knowing who he was.

Censor expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to travel to Mumbai, and hopes that his episode on the Channel can help raise awareness for the country’s gaming scene.