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Cardi B Accidentally Links Esports Organization Owner With Rita Ora’s Newest Single

Published: 7/Jun/2018 16:45 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:04

by Calum Patterson


The world of esports has been garnering a lot more mainstream attention lately, but nothing quite like having the owner of an esports organization feature on the newest single from Cardi B, Rita Ora and Bebe Rexha.

Unfortunately, that isn’t actually true, but many fans were left puzzled when the rapper/pop star tagged Set to DestroyX owner ‘StDxCharlie’ in promoting her latest music video.

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Of course, Cardi B actually meant to link to the songs fourth co-star, singer Charli XCX, but whoever posted the tweet to her Twitter, perhaps Cardi B herself or a manager/assistant, got the handles hilariously mixed up.

So instead, her 3 million plus followers were lead to a different Charlie entirely, owner of StDx, a Canadian esports organization founded in 2010.

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StDx fields teams in a long list of esports titles, including H1Z1, PUBG, Fortnite, NHL and Street Fighter, as well as having a wide network of streamers and content creators.

They also previously fielded teams in Call of Duty and Rocket League, but the owner’s move into the music industry is certainly a surprise step in a new direction.

The new song “Girls” comes from British singer Rita Ora’s newest album, but StDxCharlie certainly goes down as one of the most surprising features on an album release this year.

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The real star on the song, Charli XCX played along with the mistake, saying that the StDxCharlie account was in fact her private Twitter.

And Set to DestroyX’s Charlie was clearly overjoyed with his new direction in his career, putting the StDx brand on the map in unprecedented ways.

In fact, Cardi B was not the only one to mix up the Twitter handles, as promotional DJ ‘DJ Era’ also mistakenly credited StDxCharlie with his performance on the track

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Still no news of when StDxCharlie will be dropping his debut album, but a few more big name features like Cardi B and Rita Ora, and no doubt it would be a chart topper.