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YouTuber Philion claims Tfue’s transformation is “not humanly possible”

Published: 28/Jun/2020 14:00 Updated: 28/Jun/2020 14:42

by Connor Bennett


Fitness YouTuber Philion has claimed that Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney’s recent transformation is “not humanly possible,” noting that he’d need a lot more than the fitness plans that have been revealed to get into his current shape.

Back on June 25, Tfue revealed a stunning body transformation as he’d packed on the muscle and started to fill out six-foot-two frame. Though he claimed that he’d done it all clean by using a brand-new $100,000 home gym and a new fitness plan, there have been some skeptics.

Bodybuilder Greg Doucette claimed that the Fortnite superstar had to have been using steroids to get as ripped as he had.


Tfue fired back at those claims live on Twitch, claiming that the bodybuilder knew he did it all naturally and was just calling him out for publicity. Though, Doucette isn’t the only skeptic.

Instagram: Tfue
Tfue revealed the crazy transformation on his Instagram.

YouTuber Philion uploaded his analysis of Tfue’s transformation on June 27, claiming that his change was “not humanly possible,” and that he had a few problems with the Fortnite getting ripped.

“The problem I have here is that Tfue just got bigger while maintaining the same, if not less, body fat,” the YouTuber said.

“15lbs of lean muscle in six months is not humanly possible without the help of a Slurp Juice or Chug Jug.”


The fitness YouTuber also analyzed Tfue’s fitness routine, noting that it was slightly ‘cookie-cutter’ and lacked som progressions that would see him actually reach the state he’s currently in.

“Tracking Tfue’s strength progress would give us a lot more answers as to whether this transformation was natural or not,” he said. “Because, if he’s benching 225 in under six months, that’s really suspect and I doubt that he’s natural.” 

Philion further added that Tfue worked hard for his transformation, but he does he believe it’s natural? “Absolutely not,” he said. 

It remains to be seen as to whether or not Tfue will respond to these claims, but it seems as if more and more fitness gurus are skeptical.