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YouTuber Eugenia Cooney breaks down after fans hassle her over health concerns

Published: 14/Apr/2021 7:04

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


YouTuber Eugenia Cooney broke down during a Twitch stream after concerned fans pressured her into answering questions about a health treatment facility she claimed made her feel “in danger.”

Eugenia Cooney has been a controversial figure for a long time now due to her near-skeletal appearance. Initially, she denied having an eating disorder but eventually admitted it, although she refused to label what it was.

But after a roller-coaster ride that’s seen her condition dip back and forth, fans are once again concerned about her health and wellbeing. 

They questioned her about her alleged experience facility at a treatment facility, which she claimed made her feel “in danger.”


However, the pressure eventually got to her, and she broke down crying.

Eugenia Cooney Breaks Down Twitch
Twitter: Eugenia Cooney
Eugenia’s near-skeletal appearance has many fans concerned.

“I felt in danger. It actually could have potentially been dangerous,” she said about the facility. “Maybe [my friend] didn’t think that’s where I was going to be put. I’m not saying that is fully her fault for that, but there were a lot of lies that were said.”

She also said that people who were supposed to be “good friends” of hers didn’t message her the “entire time” she was gone. But then fans started asking her questions like whether she found the treatment traumatizing because she wasn’t ready for help and what specifically was a lie.


At first, she tried to respond, saying “a lot of things were a lie” and claimed nobody ever “brought up any kind of concerns” about her health before taking her to the facility. But eventually, she got a little flustered and broke down crying.

“I don’t really know why you guys are so demanding of me. You guys don’t understand,”  she said while struggling to hold back her tears.

“Everyone just comes on my streams to try and find a way to attack me lately. Why do you guys do this to me? I don’t know why I owe you guys an explanation.”


The incident left fans with mixed emotions. On the one hand, some of them begged others to leave her alone and not pressure her into talking about sensitive topics when she’s trying to stream.

But on the other hand, other fans are convinced that she is in denial about the extent of her condition and desperately needs help.

It’s a sensitive issue, but in the end, it seems like her fans only want what’s best for her health and wellbeing.