YouTuber B Lou reveals TikTokers nearly quit Battle of the Platforms over rule concerns - Dexerto

YouTuber B Lou reveals TikTokers nearly quit Battle of the Platforms over rule concerns

Published: 14/Jun/2021 13:33

by Jacob Hale


B Lou — half of popular reaction channel ZIAS! — has revealed that the YouTubers vs TikTokers Battle of the Platforms was nearly canceled just 30 minutes ahead of the event starting thanks to TikTokers’ concerns over the rules.

The Battle of the Platforms was a natural progression from the influencer boxing that has become commonplace in recent years.

With Logan Paul going from fighting KSI to Floyd Mayweather, and younger brother Jake gearing up for a fight against UFC legend Tyron Woodley, the spectacle has grown exponentially.

So, Social Gloves put together a huge boxing event with YouTube stars facing off against their fresh-faced TikTok counterparts, and it proved a huge success, with viewers globally tuning in and celebrating (or booing) all of the creators.


The YouTube side of things won on the night overall, with just one TikToker claiming a victory (Vinnie Hacker over KSI’s younger brother, Deji), putting on a pretty good showing throughout.

However, the fight might not have happened at all according to YouTuber B Lou, who was in attendance at the event.

“Backstage, 30 minutes before the fight, the TikTokers were about to not fight,” he revealed. “They said it was about headgear. The YouTubers knew that they didn’t have the headgear, they were like ‘We haven’t been training like that.’ There really wasn’t about to be a fight tonight. That’s part of the reason why it was getting pushed back.”


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B Lou added that it “wasn’t in their contracts,” though it’s unclear how accurate this contractual issue is.

It’s also unclear exactly which fighters were arguing against fighting without headgear. While B Lou simply refers to them as the TikTokers, it might not have been all of them but instead just a selection.

It’s already been common knowledge that the Tanner Fox vs Ryland Storms fight was called off over the weight difference, but it seems that many more fights were being questioned just minutes prior to gloves touching.